Mariglynn Edlins, PhD

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Hi, I'm Mariglynn

I explore dynamics that govern our interactions and shape our experiences.



College professor in human services administration.


Things I've Written...

A collection of short notes and essays about dynamics that shape our relationships and experiences.

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What I'm Up to Currently...



Things I'm Making...

Making is the best way I know self-attune and thereby shape my own experience, as well as my relationship with others.


What Shapes Me


Question processes. Give thoughtful responses. Find the best way instead of going by how it’s always been done.


Go above and beyond to solve problems. Exercise empathy. Deliver magic to customers and coworkers.


Treat everyone with respect. Leave egos at the door.


Take pride in crafting a lasting product. Work with the best equipment. Invest in great things that improve your life.


Minimize unnecessary meetings and management. Work together with others to get the job finished.

Focus on process

Ask yourself how the product can be better today than it was yesterday.

Mariglynn Edlins, PhD

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